1. Hankyung is Siwon’s first sworn brothers

2.siwon always called hankyung sworn brothers in chinese

3.siwon is always in the middle of hanchul and sometimes cause heechul to become so upset!

4.siwon and hankyung had a shower competition and siwon lost to him!

5.siwon look like a friend to hankyung instead of a dongsaeng

6.siwon always feel grateful to hankyung since the time he studied in china..hankyung took care of him when he was so lonely.that is the moment that he dont want to erase from his mind!

7.they appeared in the timeless mv

8.after the lawsuit,hankyung claimed to have a contact with siwon

9.hankyung claimed that siwon is very handsome but he has no ability to dance well~!

10.in super junior m show,siwon is hangeng’s asisstant since he can speak chinese better than other korean members


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crazy things about hanchul!

*Because Hankyung doesn’t have the opportunity to promote himself, the one sacrificing his image not minding the embarrassment, the one who continuously imitates, ‘WULI HANGUNG XI’. And the one who proudly asks, ‘Who here has touched the martial arts man Hankyung’s rock like thighs before?’, is Kim Heechul.

*One day, Hankyung came back to his dorm and told the other members that there were some Korean people outside who scolded him in Chinese. When Heechul heard this he was very angry and immediately went out to find the Korean guys to take revenge.

*He then said, ‘Hankyung is living in a foreign country alone. And he’s such a nice friend too. It made me so angry, because they did that just because he’s a foreigner.’

*When other people comment (negatively) on Hankyung’s Korean ability, the one who anxiously says, ‘If you have the ability then say a sentence in Chinese for me to hear.’ is Kim Heechul.

*The one saying he’s envious of Hankyung’s charisma on stage, the one saying whenever he’s together with Hankyung, he’s the bad person out of the two, the one saying he has never seen anyone who is as photogenic as Hankyung, the one saying ‘how can there be such a kind hearted kid’, is Kim Heechul.

*‘Originally two people eating noodles is all about mutual striving and snatching to eat more than the other, however Hankyung only eats a little and always gives way to me so that I can wait slowly for the noodles to cool down a bit and then eat.’ The one, when talking with fans and mentions Hankyung all the time, is Kim Heechul.

*The one who introduces Hankyung with ‘The one I love the most’ and says that compared to a fellow Korean, Hankyung who’s Chinese is more close/understanding, is Kim Heechul.

*The one who numerous times says he dislikes skinship/ body contacts, but has the habit to cling onto Hankyung’s back at the airport and who often cutely drags onto Hankyung’s arm, is Kim Heechul.

*The one who accompanies at Hankyung’s side whenever he’s homesick/ feeling sad, is Kim Heechul.

*The one who’s always standing next to Hankyung ready to wipe away Hankyung’s tears whenever he cries, is Kim Heechul.

*The one who pulls at Hankyung saying ‘Don’t say you’re a foreigner anymore!’, is Kim Heechul.

*The one who fell in love with Beijing fried rice, is Kim Heechul.

*Could it be that without this love, there wouldn’t have been this Beijing fried rice?

*When filming the Happiness MV, the one who pushed Siwon away who accidentally blocked Hankyung on screen and then hid behind Kangin uninterestedly after completing his mission, is Kim Heechul.

*In Superjunior’s NS, there’s a part of Heechul and Hankyung’s beautiful speech/words. Hankyung, who due to his nationality can’t go on screen on many programs of many television stations, can only sign contracts with korea’s KM, SBS and KBS. But it will always hinder the other 12 members’ promotion activities, regardless of which television station. Therefore, on a certain performance of a certain television station, Hankyung had been requested to wear a mask to be able to perform. I’ve always believed that Korea’s ‘mask’ performance, makes people feel very awkward and shameful.

*At that time, Super Junior just debuted. Hankyung who was performing on a different country’s stage, didn’t dare to come to the front. Heechul pulled him out to the front, but Hankyung stepped back again. After wrestling for a little while, Heechul held onto him tightly hugging Hankyung from behind, courageously letting him stand in the front of the stage. In the middle of their performance, Heechul continuously looked over at Hankyung.

*Hankyung’s Korean wasn’t so fluent when Super Junior debuted, which hinders his fans to not be able to understand him that well. Heechul who was DJ-ing Young Street started a little section. Everyday on the radio show, he talked about some amusing things that happened in Hankyung’s life, so that Korean fans would get some preliminary understanding/ knowledge of Hankyung.

*This way, Heechul brought Hankyung closer to the audience step by step patiently and sincerely. Therefore, many Heechul’s Korean fans started to truly pay close attention to Hankyung’s existence, discovering Hankyung’s talent for dancing and his delicate face. Although he might not have said it through his own mouth, but he and Hankyung are in very good terms. Heechul once said that he only drinks Soju with Hankyung.

*As for Hankyung, he’s also a stubborn kid. Heechul has asked him many times, ‘Who treats you the best?’ He would talk around it by saying ‘he’ (Heechul) has taught him lots of Korean. As for Heechul, even though he was disappointed, he still patiently asked, ‘Then who treats you the best in your living needs?’ Hankyung didn’t hesitate at all and said, ‘It’s Heechul.’

*Although, Heechul never opened his mouth to talk about his and Hankyung’s real ‘intimate state’, but, whenever Hankyung cries because of homesickness, the one who would always silently stand behind him, ready to comfort Hankyung at any time, is no other than Kim Heechul. He doesn’t want to expose himself, he doesn’t have the intensions to steal Hankyung’s rare opportunity to be on screen. In fact, he always creates screen time for Hankyung and pulls him out everytime the camera turns his way. And the one who never forgets to imitate Hankyung on a show, is Kim Heechul.



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my obsession~!

i love super junior~!

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